Duck Pike Lures

What the duck is going on with all the new duck pike lures flooding onto the market?  The majority of UK pike anglers have just started realising that in the right conditions pike will take lures off the surface and it’s the most fun way to catch them.

Reservoir Pike Lures

Lure fishing for pike in reservoirs is the most technical form of pike lure fishing you can do.  The rewards can be amazing, but it’s tough and lots of blanks should be expected.

Tip: When you start our reservoir fishing use heavy pike lures.  The drift and depth sometimes make it hard to reach the bottom.

Pike Lure Colours

Small hungry pike will grab any lure, but big pike can be picky and colour could be the difference between hooking a 30 pounder and planking.  That said presentation, the lures profile, the season, time of day and depth are much more import factors for catching a monster pike.